June 17 & 18, 2017 ~ Live MLM Event In Paris, France
Discover The Simple 6 Behaviors That Earned Millions
Multiple 7-Figure Earners Share 
The Simple 6
A Success System That Never Fails
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The Simple 6

  • Top Achievers and Pin Level with 6 MLMs
  • Best Selling Author
  • Mark & Davene's teams outperformed all others 
  • How did they do it?
  • They taught their teams The Simple 6
  • 6 Behaviors a 6-year-old can do, earns 6 figures
  • First time they've taught this publically

You'll Learn How They Went From Bankrupt in Boston to Beachfront in Kauai

Davene Januszewski, multiple 7 figure earner in MLM, co-creator of the #1 online MLM training available Go90Grow®, co-creator of the worldwide sensation The Master Key Experience self-discovery course all while raising 2 kids as a single Mom. Now will reveal the discoveries from their over 60 years of combined experience and over the top success.

Mark Januszewski, top pin level with 6 different MLM companies & Best Selling Author.  Together, Mark & Davene are the only MLM trainers known to have been hired by MLMs to create and entire training programs and delivered record breaking numbers. Their action packed, riveting workshops have sold out for 11 consecutive years.  

Special Guest
International Speaker and Entrepreneur Mark Davis

Mark Davis is an international speaker, trainer and social entrepreneur whose passion is to inspire people to communicate.
Mark’s experience and passion lie in speaking and training. During Mark’s career, he has:

  • Spoken for more than 20 years in 20 countries and led classroom training with translation
  • Written 5 books on Public Speaking
  • Developed online strategies for key networking leaders around the world
  • Led organizations in the profit and non-profit sectors
  • Mark is also passionate about coaching and making a positive social impact.

As Coach Mark has trained people with practical public speaking skills in over 20 countries in the last 20 years.

Sales people, Networkers, Business owners, Teachers and High School Students have all been taught.  Now it's your turn.

Here Is A Fraction Of What You'll Learn In This Interactive Workshop

It Is A Workshop

  • Prepare to learn and practice
  • It is NOT a lecture
  • You'll develop an authentic purpose
  • We'll schedule a power week, every week
  • We'll share a skill then you'll practice 
  • You'll master the skills before leaving
  • You'll know how to teach the skills to your teams
  • Rejection Free Recruiting
  • Prospects will instantly say "YES"

Skills You Will Master

  • How to get prospects to demand a presentation
  • Tired of No-Shows?
  • Discover a skill that eliminates No-Shows
  • An easy skill to eliminate ALL objections
  • How to get new reps into profit within 10 days
  • How to get the prospect to close for you
  • Create 9 times the volume with retailing and not selling
  • Learn how ALL people make ALL decisions, think that might help?
  • How to get new people to instantly build a premium list of 300 minimum

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